National “Eat what’s in your Freezer” Month

Me!? I'm going to make blueberry pies all month long.

Yes, it’s that time of year. Holidays have ended. Leftovers eaten. Now it’s time to dig into your freezer and pantry to begin enjoying all those goodies you’ve stored away during the harvest season.

For us, this includes all the vegetables and fruits we’ve canned and put up in the pantry. It’s also all the animals we’ve harvested from the farm, bartered from other farmers or harvested from hunting season.

It’s always a bit of a shock in the fall when you find product you’ve produced from a couple of seasons ago still untouched in either the freezer or in the pantry. There you are, you are adding more. So, Eat up!

So, dig to the bottom of the freezer and sort through the canned goods and create some great meals. You worked hard for that food. Enjoy it during these quiet winter months.

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