Sheep Whisperer

Just back from ISBA’s annual Shepherd’s Clinic . It was a great conference. Lots of classes on genetics, parasite control (who would think worms were so fascinating), grazing plans, pasture management, and best of all “Teaching your Sheep to Obey the Shepherd.” Renowned sheep whisperer, Ben Bartlett, DVM, shared his 30 years of experience in handling sheep at his Log Cabin Livestock Farm in Traunik, MI. Leave it to a yooper to figure out the “stare of death” and the various ways to ask politely without having to yell and scream. The best… “When in doubt, just stand there and do nothing,” the critters will figure it out that you want them to go this way rather than that way. 😉 Lots of fun too, meeting fellow shepherds from across the region.

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