All Sold Out

Three generations of Strawberry Ridge farmers.

Three generations of Strawberry Ridge farmers.

Another Shepherds Harvest Festival has come and gone; and, once again, we sold all of our fleece. It was a very hectic Saturday morning! Nearly half of the fleece on hand had already been reserved for pick-up that morning. Before official opening of the Festival four more fleece were reserved. By 12:30 everything but three lamb pelts and five balls of roving were left. What a crazy morning.

Thank you to all of our regulars for your continued support of our small farm, and a big hello and thanks to those of you who found us for the first time this year. Word of mouth goes a long way these days. Our fleece have been shipped to all parts of the country with spinners and fiber artists buying them sight unseen. Thank you for sharing your stories of delight when you see our fleece for the first time. Lots of hard work went into making all that fiber.

We are now focused on raising our lamb crop and keeping the pastures healthy. Hopefully the drought will let up and we can be more at ease this summer. Stay in touch. Our next batch of fleece will be ready sometime in March 2014.

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