New Blood — Meet Lanny

Our new big boy, Lancelot, aka Lanny.

Our new big boy, Lancelot, aka Lanny.

Lanny's a big boy!

Lanny’s a big boy!

Crawfords' Corriedales

Crawfords’ Corriedales

We spent our solstice weekend traveling to Mount Pleasant, Iowa to find a new ram for the flock. The family of Lanny Crawford, a longtime Corriedale breeder, have been dispersing their flock after Mr. Crawford passed away this past March. We were fortunate to find a handsome two year old ram that we have named Lancelot, aka Lanny, as well as a ewe with two ewe lambs and a ram lamb.

Crawfords’ Corriedales, at Fertile Acres Farm, are a registered flock that have won many show championships across the United States: “[Lanny Crawford] had a number of champions over the years at the National Corriedale Show & Sales and the National Livestock Exposition in Louisville and earned 25 straight champions at the Iowa State Fair. Lanny received the 2011 Lifetime Corriedale Breeder – the Guy Green Trophy at the National Show banquet in Eaton, Ohio.”

Much thanks to Mrs. Johanna Crawford and her daughter Karla Crawford Kerr for their hospitality and willingness to sell a few Lanny’s prized sheep to a couple of crazy shepherds from “way up north.”

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