Check here for a list of our fleeces available for sale.

We primarily sell raw fleece from our flock of pure and cross bred Corriedale sheep.IMG_6732 Our goal is produce a beautiful array of quality white, silver, grey, black and other naturally colored fleeces for artists and hand spinners. Our raw fleeces sell for $16.00 to $18.00 per pound. 

We do take reservations for fleece. We highly recommend reservations to past customers who seek more fleece from a particular ewe that they have purchased from us in the past.

Check here for a list of our fleeces available. We update the page as the fleeces get cleaned, weighed, packaged and sold. This occurs in April & May each year. 

The quality and cleanliness of our fleeces are enhanced by rotational grazing to keep the flock on the best pastures and by the wearing of coats for up to nine months of the year. These practices assure a clean and burr-free wool and help keep sun bleaching to a minimum.

The majority of our fleeces are sold at the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival. We have taken top awards in past fleece competitions for–Purebreed Corriedale, Purebreed Romney, Colored Wool Medium and White Wool Medium fleeces. 

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