2021 Fleece List

As of May 4, 2021, 6:00 pm: If you would like information about our fleece, please use our contact page. We need to know your preferred method of payment and a shipping address to determine shipping cost. We will reply to your request asap.

Name Breed Lineage Color Weight & Staple Price
Al *Ram Lamb Corriedale Alice/Nova Black LAMB 4lbs 7oz., 4.75″  SOLD
Wanda Corriedale X 1/4 Lincoln Windy/Clyde Dark grey 4lbs 12oz., 4″ $85.50
Diamond *Lamb Corriedale Henrietta/Nova Black 5lbs., 3.25″  SOLD
Henrietta  Corriedale Hilda/Chico Black/medium grey 5lbs 6oz., 3.75″ $96.75
Agnes *Lamb Corriedale Alice/Nova Black/medium grey 5lbs 7oz., 3.75″ $97.88
Fiona         Corriedale X 1/8 CVM Fava/Chico Black 5lbs 11oz., 3″ $102.38
Olive  Corriedale X 1/4 CVM Olivia/Chico Black to medium grey 6lbs 1oz., 3.25″ $109.13
Tulip Corriedale X CVM Tundra/Chico Black to medium grey 7lbs 4oz., 3.5″ $130.50
Nan           Corriedale X 1/4 Romney/CVM Nula/Pablo Varigated pewter to dark 7lbs 5oz., 3.5″ $131.63
Tuesday       Corriedale X 1/4 Lincoln Wanda/Chico Dark grey 8lbs 8oz., 4.5″  SOLD
Aurora Corriedale X 1/8 Lincoln Assumpta/Chico Black 6lbs., 4.5″ SOLD
Hetty Corridale Hilda/Chico Black 7lbs 4 oz., 3.5″ SOLD
Bette Corriedale X 1/16 Romney Marg/Roy Silver/medium grey 5lbs 4oz., 4″ SOLD
Fava Corriedale X CVM Ophelia/Roy Medium grey 3lbs 12oz., 3″ SOLD
Inigo *RAM Corridale Observation Hill Farm Morrit (cocoa) 4lbs 11oz., 3.75″ SOLD
Kesha Corriedale Johnson Farm Varigated grey 5lbs 9oz., 3.5″ SOLD
Nula Corriedale X Romney X CVM Nelle/Leo Varigated dark grey to silver 5lbs 3oz., 3.25″ SOLD
Sally Jo *Lamb Corriedale Sarita/Nova Black 5lbs., 3″ SOLD
Sarita Corriedale Ophelia /Chico Black 6lbs 7oz., 3.75″ SOLD
Tundra Panda Corriedale X CVM Topaz/Leo Varigated silver to medium grey 6lbs 8oz., 3.5″ SOLD
Vernon *RAM Corridale Observation Hill Farm Medium dark grey 8lbs 10oz., 4.5″ SOLD
Waterlily Corriedale X 1/8 Lincoln Windy/Chico Dark grey 7lbs 15oz., 4″ SOLD
Winnie Corriedale X 1/8 Lincoln Windy/Chico Black 7lbs 8oz., 4.75″ SOLD
Alice Corriedale Lein Farms White 6lbs 8oz., 4″ SOLD
Aliia Corriedale Alice/Pablo White 7lbs 2oz., 4″ SOLD
Amelia Corriedale Alice/Pablo White 8lbs 10oz., 4.25″ SOLD
Azalea Corriedale Alice/Pablo White 7lbs 2oz., 4.75″ SOLD
Dahlia Corriedale Dollyrumple/Pablo White 7lbs 8oz., 3.5″ SOLD
Delia Corriedale Dahlia/Chico White 6lbs 15oz., 4″ SOLD
Hilda Corriedale Gwen/Lanny White 6lbs. 3oz., 4.25″ SOLD
Josette *Lamb Corriedale Hilda/Streak White 4lbs 1oz., 3.5″ SOLD
Juliet Corriedale Joleen/Pablo White 7lbs 2oz., 4.75″ SOLD
Nigella Corriedale x 1/8 Romney Nelle/Pablo White 7lbs 10oz., 4.5″ SOLD
Rosilyn *Lamb Corriedale Bette/Streak White 4lbs 8oz., 4″ SOLD